NWCC Route

Run - 5.5 km

Cycle - 28.5 km
Kayak - 1 km
Run - 1 km


The run section features a course across the dunes to Tramore Beach. The route begins at St. Michael's GAA pitch, running by road to the car park at Lurgabrack. Then, pass through gates to enter and exit a short forest section. Participants will cross the dunes via a northern route to Tramore Beach, then take a short run on the beach in a southerly direction. Afterwards, they'll return along the lower southern path, exiting the gate into the forest section again. From there, they'll proceed onto the road and back to St. Michael's GAA pitch.

Bike 1

Competitors will cycle from the St Michaels Gaa Pitch via the N56, turning left onto the L3263 towards Murroe and then onto the Purt Lough transition.


Competitors will transition from their bikes and complete a 500m run to the Kayaks. At this point, competitors will be given a buoyancy aid that must be worn. A Kayak will also be provided, you are not allowed to bring your own kayak. A 1km route will be marked out in the water. Once completed, competitors will run 500m back to their bikes.

bike 2

Once the competitors are back at their bike they will continue the cycle section and proceed in the direction of Dunfanaghy via Kildarragh. They will turn right at  Kildarragh Water Treatment plant and go toward Muckish Sand and Gravel, passing by the Old Railway Walk Trailhead. At the end of the road competitors will turn left onto the N56 towards Dunfanaghy and onwards to St. Michaels GAA Pitch.


Competitors will transition off their bikes and run a short distance to the finish line.

Run Route map and elevations

Bike Route map and elevations